Races are said to be a test of spirit more than strength. The 106th Indy500 race showcased vigor and determination from the racers and unrivaled enthusiasm from the fans and spectators. Ordinarily, the 106th Indianapolis 500 might have been another conventional car race of the Indy500 Series but certain factors made it stand out among its predecessors. Now, get your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the 2022 Indy500 facts we have in store for you!



Venue of the 106th Indy500 Race

Presented by Gainbridge, the 106th Running of the Indianapolis 500 garnered sponsorship from every part of the globe. The race took place in the oval track of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in Indiana and covered 500 miles, which is equivalent to 804.7km, 200laps.



Indy500 facts on the Rookie of the Year Award

Jimmy Johnson (48), the NASCAR legend wasn’t necessarily the rookie who scored the highest finishing. Johnson was still able to impress the judges and voted as the Rookie of the Year even though he cut the race short when he crashed on lap 194 and even so,

Winner of the Pole Position

Scott Ronald Dixon, a professional race car driver who comes from New Zealand, won the pole position. He was the fastest qualifier whose pole speed covered 234.046mph, which is equivalent to 376.661km/h.  This is his 5th time winning the pole position, although, he has previously won the IndyCar Championship six times. With so much focus and density, his pole speed of 234.046mph turns out to be the fastest Indy500 pole speed of all time. His accomplishment ranked as the second-fastest Indy 500 qualifying effort ever.



Team CGR wins for the first time in a decade

Chip Ganassi Racing Teams (CGR), owned by Chip Ganassi and Rob Kauffman won the 106th Indy500 race. CGR is an American auto racing team that compete in SportsCar, Championship, Weather Tech, Extreme E, and the Indy500 series. Marcus Ericson from Team CGR won the 106th Indianapolis 500 marking their first win in the last 10 years.

Winner of the 106th Indianapolis 500

Marcus Ericson, a Swedish driver from Chip Ganassi Racing Teams emerged the winner of the 106th Indy500 race. Winning “the Greatest Spectacle in Racing” is a huge accomplishment for his career and a big win for Team CGR.



The 2022 Indy500 Traditional Carb Day (2022 Carbs Day)

Primarily known as “Carburetion Day” (the final chance that allows various teams to ensure that the carburetors of their gasoline engines are in their best forms). The 2022 Carbs Day was a month long event that ended Friday, May 27th, 2022. Even though race cars no longer use local carburetors, the Carb Day has remained a tradition to date. The 2022 Carbs day ran from Tuesday, May 17th through Sunday, 29th May 2022.



Indy500 Fan Shop – Clothing and Accessories

All through the 2022 Indianapolis 500 arena, racers were dressed head to toe in race gear while many fans wore their Indy500 fan t-shirts and hats while waving their flags. It was such an amazing sight to behold, coupled with all the exciting activities that played out.

From the Indy500 facts above, it’s obvious that the 2022 Indianapolis 500 race is arguably the best so far – never to be overlooked in history.  The race itself, the 2022 Carbs Day, and other activities that made up the 106th Indy500 are all superb. We are totally looking forward to the next running of the Indy500.



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