The most underutilized and ignored piece of clothing that is one of the chicest summer accessories is – a Scarf! Yes. People might get a scarf for winter because it helps keep them warm but wearing it in the summer sounds crazy to them. Well, first things first: Scarves are meant to wear in winter and in summer too. Besides that, I think people are entirely unaware of the garment’s versatility and cannot style it. So, my dear friend, if you’re in the same boat, then today’s blog is definitely for you. I’m going to help you ditch the routine clothing and elevate your summer outfit with a simple yet elegant garment in ways you didn’t know before!

Below are the 6 scarves I have picked from tags weekly that are a must-have in your summer wardrobe. Read on to know more.

Around the Neck

The easiest way to style a summer scarf is to wear it around your neck and turn around on the front. This will instantly add a glow to your outfit. Pick a lightweight material, so it doesn’t make you feel hot. You can top this sheer yellow scarf with a hot pink tank top.



Kimono Style

Did you know you can style a scarf as a kimono as well? It’s true. A scarf can easily score as a kimono, and no one would see that it’s not a kimono. Get yourself the below-shown kimono scarf, and you’re all set to wear it over a loose top.



Make it a Bandana

Even after 20 years, the bandana is still an iconic and stylish fashion accessory. Now carry whatever you like from the chic scarf into a bandana by folding it in a triangular shape. From wearing it as a headband to styling it as a bralette, your bandana works perfectly for the warm weather.



Let’s Cover Up!

Do you want to keep the sun off your head and look more relaxed simultaneously? Let’s cover-up, baby! Cover your head with a lightweight scarf to keep your hair from tangling and retain the moisture your scalp needs. In addition, you can use different scarves to pull off different looks. It adds up as an accessory; for me, it’s been a lifesaver for a good hair day.



Belt It Up!

No belt? No problem. If your outfit is simple, wrapping the scarf around your waist would add an instant pop to your dress. It gives a classy touch of elegance and makes your outfit look complete plus – a fashionable piece of clothing.



Elevate a Bag

Who knew a silk scarf could make your handbag look stylish and fresh as new? Adding a piece of fabric is super easy to give an old bag new life. Whether it’s handing down the side or is knotted around the straps, your creativity shines from your look.



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