The narrative since forever was that fashion starts and ends in the ‘skinny world’. Well, thank goodness the world is finally getting some sense. We are all built differently, but fashion is for everyone. Regardless of their body size or gender. Read on and find out why and how plus-sized people are proving fashion goes beyond skinny! 



Basics truths on plus-size clothing

If you want to achieve being that plus-sized fashion icon that cannot be ignored, you should know the rules. Not just that, but also follow them. 

This is not to keep you in a box. Rather, it’s understanding the peculiarity of your body, and how to make your choice of clothing.

Here’s a few:

  1. You cannot always wear ‘ready-made’ clothes with the basic measurements. This is because there are still several fashion brands that don’t cater for plus-sized women and men. Don’t get disappointed, love. Just look out for the best plus size online stores out there.
  2. Oversized clothes are not only meant for plus-sized people. You read that right. Most times, they make you look bigger than you do, and defeat the purpose of the style you want to portray. Plus-sized people can look snatched too!
  3. To buttress points 1 and 2, you would need an excellent seamstress. Your seamstress should be your go-to when brands fail you or when you want to look chic on an occasion. He/she should come through on days when a purchase goes wrong. Ensure you make a wise choice.

Now let’s explore these fashion tips that make the statements when fashion goes beyond skinny!


Wear those colors and prints.

Being plus-sized doesn’t conform your body to dull colors and plain fabrics. If you think your body size is loud, then it is perfect to make those colors pop!

You shouldn’t shy away from wearing prints like floral stripes, checkered or polka dots. They are a good way to take attention from your body size. They also lift your fashion mood whether you wear them in shoes, dresses, or accessories. 


Rock them heels

Br confident enough to wear heels. You need them to enhance your looks in a dress, skirts or a pair of pants.

Be realistic. You might not wear a certain hinch, but you can do moderate ones that lift your height. You can learn how to walk in them if you put your mind to it.


Denims are very plus-sized friendly

There are several ways you can shine in a denim fabric as a plus sized person. You can do the denim jacket on a denim short or trousers. Who says you can’t wear yours skinny or baggy as well? 

Denim jumpsuits are also very trendy these days. Just ensure you get durable ones. You want to make sure it is not too tight or loose.


Wear more belts

When you feel like tucking in that belly fat, give in to it. If waist trainers make you uncomfortable, have you considered belts?

Belts are highly fashionable, they help define your waist, and make you look curvier. Add more sophistication by wearing them in colors and oversized.


Defy the odds.

You need to have the guts if you must up your A-game as a plus sized person. You deserve it and should be able to wear whatever you want.

It’s the beach weekend? Wear that bikini with confidence. Crops tops are definitely not a crime! Don’t be quick to conclude a fabric or fashion item is unfit for you. 

Feed on the latest plus size fashion trends in 2022.



It is not entirely easy and we get it. Take your time and explore these tips one step at time. Be open to exploring. Find people who can motivate you along this journey. 

Always remember, fashion goes beyond skinny!

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