One thing that will convey a wealth of information is your level of hygiene. People will look at your feet and hands and get tell-tale signs of whether you’re neat or filthy. And who wants to be dirty or even associate themselves with filthy people? You see, people prioritize the neatness of their faces and teeth. But your toenails and fingernails deserve equal attention too. 

Have you thought about the manicure pedicure tool set to have glowing fingernails and toenails? Further, having this set isn’t enough. Here, you’ll discover what to look for in a manicure pedicure tool set and what to avoid.

1.     Nail Cutter

A nail cutter is a critical tool that will help trim your nail and keep them in good health. You’ll need this in the manicure pedicure tool to keep them short, so they don’t become bacterial-friendly.

Nail Cutter


2.     Cuticle Pusher

A cuticle pusher will keep your nail cuticles away from your nails. It also maintains the cuticles’ overall health so they don’t become flaky.

Cuticle Pusher


3.     Cuticle Nipper

Hangnails, dry skin, and tough cuticles around the nails can be irritating. Nonetheless, a cuticle nipper will help you eliminate these and ingrown nails.

Cuticle Nipper


4.     Nail Buffer

This is another essential feature for a manicure and pedicure set and the secret for glossy nails. Still, if your nails have dry ridges, you need the nail buffer to smoothen them.

Nail Buffer


5.     Nail File

The nail file will smoothen and shape your snail’s edges. 

Nail File


6.     Pumice Stone

One of the biggest turn-offs is cracked feet. They result from calluses and dead skin cells on the bottom of your foot. You need a pumice stone to remove the calluses and dead skin cells.

Pumice Stone


7. Nail Brush

Nail Brush

When you discover tough stains on your nails, use the nail brush to get rid of them. The tool will also leave your nails neat, especially when you use it daily.


8.     Toe Separator

When it’s time to apply the nail polish, the tool comes in handy. You position it between your nails so that the polish doesn’t fleck.

Toe Separator


9.     Orangewood stick

This is a multipurpose tool. It’s used to clean the dirt on your nails, correct the nail’s enamel color and push the cuticle.

Orangewood stick


10. Mild Scrub

The mild scrub is used to exfoliate your feet and hands. This way, you get rid of the dead skin cells, promote air circulation, and feel relaxed.

Mild Scrub


11. Callus Remover

This is essential for anyone who needs smooth and soft heels. The tool removes rough, dead, and dry skin.

Callus Remover


What to Avoid for a Successful Manicure and Pedicure Procedure

You now know the must-have features for an effective manicure and pedicure tool. But there are things that you’ve to avoid to get that glow in your hands and feet.

  • Don’t push or cut your cuticles forcefully
  • When you realize your nails have health issues, don’t cover them with artificial nails
  • Don’t shave your legs before going for a pedicure
  • Once you remove your nail polish, don’t apply another one on the spot. Apply a moisturizing cream first.

A cleaning routine isn’t complete without working on your hands and feet. And you’ll only do this with a manicure pedicure tool with the abovementioned appliances,   the Perry Ellis Women’s 10 Piece Mani Pedi Tool. You’ll also avert possible infections by keeping your hands and feet neat.

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