The fact is, you can never go wrong with a sheath dress. Whether you’re attending a formal office party or an important meeting with a high-profile client, a sheath dress can be an appropriate outfit if you style it the right way!

A little edgy but elegant, a bit bold but beautiful, Calvin Klein’s sheath dress collection is there to offer you all kinds of dresses for all your important events!

Calvin Klein’s Women’s Short Sleeved Dress

A short sleeved sheath dress is classy and divinely elegant– perfect for your work and also great for a party! The color is neutral which makes it even better for your work wear. What you can do to enhance the look of it for your work wear is, throw on a classic blazer and some simple heels to go with it.

To accessorize that office look, you can add an elegant wristwatch and a pair of statement earrings! Put on some subtle makeup– perhaps a no-makeup look, and wear your hair in a sleek bun and you’re good to go!



Beaded Sheath Dress

This sleeveless, floral design sheath dress by Calvin Klein is a fabulous fit for your party wear, and you can even wear it to work if you know how to style it appropriately.

For a party, you can add some large gold hoop earrings, some studded bangles, a statement ring, and some super bold and beautiful high heels. If you’re gonna wear this on a chilly night, you can wear a contrasting shawl around it and make it even more divine!



Color Block Sheath Dress

Nothing looks better as a work dress than a colour-block sheath dress. It makes up a very sleek and stylish outfit for your work wear. You can enhance the look by adding accessories and uppers to make it a party outfit too!

For a party look, you can add some glitzy earrings, perhaps something to match the colors in the dress. The sleeveless style gives you more space to add your favorite hand accessories. If it was up to me, I would add some chunky bracelets on each hand and some statement rings.

A pair of flashy high heels with some colorful, funky makeup can turn this dress into a great party outfit. But if you’re looking for a work outfit, you can just wear this dress with some flats and simple studs.



Floral Sheath Dress

If you have a rather fun and quirky personality, this colourful dress would be a great fit for you. You can wear it to work as it is with some elegant heels and minimalistic jewellery. It will be more suited for a cocktail party!

The floral print is refreshing, and it makes you feel happy and confident in your skin. Giving you the ultimate glow that would enhance your whole look. You can throw on cute blue platform heels, a nice beaded bracelet, and some fun but classy earrings to finish the look!



Velvet Sheath Dress

Winter parties ask for some snazzy velvet sheath dresses and you can’t deny that! Perfect for your formal parties and office wear, this velvet piece will be your next favorite dress for all your dress needs!

The fabric is soft and warm, which will keep you feeling comfy and fuzzy throughout and the mock turtleneck style is super trendy and fashionable! Not only will it keep you warm, but it will make you stand out in the crowd– everybody will be complimenting that luxurious dress of yours!



Calvin Klein’s Full-Sleeved Sheath Dress

One of the classiest and most elegant options for a sheath dress has to be the one with long sleeves. There is just something about full-sleeved sheath dresses that give them a royal and divine look.

This embellished sheath dress by Calvin Klein is definitely a dress that you want to get your hands. You can style it in so many unique and creative ways that it will be the dress that you wear to various occasions. Black tie parties, bar mitzvahs, funerals even.

The dress is super stylish and sophisticated. If you have an elegant and simple personality, this dress is for you. You can style it with a hat for a formal look, and for a semi-formal look. You can wear it with high-heeled boots!



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