Women’s TAVIK swimsuits are some of the trendiest and hottest pieces in town this summer. If you are going shopping for your summer break, shop Tavik’s women’s swim bottoms to get an edge over the others.

Women’s Tavik bikinis and bathing suits are not only super dazzling, but they are also super comfortable and full of color. You can style them in many ways. Let’s try out some of Tavik’s swim bottoms that you can pair up with any bikini top you have!

Patterned Bikini Bottoms

If you have a striped or polka-dotted swim top from last summer and it is one of your favorites, you can create a whole new look with it this summer!

Get one of these super cute, trendy, comfortable swim bottoms by Tavik and you’re good to go! These swim bottoms are available in many colors and designs so you can choose whichever color and design go best with your swim top!

Add some comfy flip-flops, a sun hat, and perhaps a matching cover-up for the times when you’re not dipping yourself into saltwater. It would work great with a white swim top, a pink one, a peach-colored swim top, or maybe even a beige one!

The possibilities are endless! Use your creative mind and add a dazzling touch to this cute bikini bottom to create a flattering summer look for yourself!


Basic Solid Swim Bottoms

A nice pair of solid swim bottoms work well with every bikini top– the trick is to find a color that would work flawlessly with most of your bikini tops!

This pair of basic solid swim bottoms will be your go-to pair-up because not only is it super comfortable, but it will also fit your body perfectly.

There are many different colors available in this one so you can either get more than one color to go with all your floral. Striped or dotted swim tops, or just get the one that matches most of them. This is a great fit for casual beach hangs.

Throw on some cool sunglasses and a matching cover-up, and you’re all set for a day at the beach!



High-Waist Solid Swim Bottoms

For a more modern and cool look, you can go for high-waisted swim bottoms. Lately, they have been super stylish and in trend, so if trendy is the vibe you want, then there is nothing classier than a solid high-waist bikini bottom.

It is only available in this beige color, but this is a workable color. So, you can pair these up with pinks, reds, blacks, greens, browns, or basically, any shade and they will look amazing.

You can add a modest look by throwing on a nice matching cover-up, but if you’re looking for something sexy, go for a beige mesh cover-up, and add a pretty sun hat to finish off the look.



Side Strap Swim Bottoms

Apart from the basic swim bottoms, a new style has sprung out featuring side straps. They look fabulous on a well-toned body and if you want to flaunt that beach body, then you should go for it.

This style is available in many beautiful patterns– leaves, flowers, geometric shapes, stripes, etc. and you have the liberty to choose whichever speaks to you the loudest!

You can pair these up with any similar patterned swim top your closet has, and you can even try to add a dazzling touch by adding some rhinestones or ribbons on the swim top and bottom (only if you want something fancy).



Modern Style Minimal Coverage Swim Bottom

If you are feeling a bit too bold, then use this pair of swim bottoms to show off that boldness. With a side strap attached to a ring, it gives a unique and modern look to your bathing suit and you can flaunt your curves with confidence in this stunning piece!

Pair it with a black tank top to create a gorgeous tankini look, or get a beige and black striped bikini top to go with it. Either way, you’re going to steal the show with this fabulous piece!



String-Tied Swim Bottoms

One of the most popular and stunning styles of swim bottoms is the string-tied one. This is my favorite because it says that you’re bold and confident, and nothing matters to you except yourself!

Giving some luxe, lustrous vibes. This pair of side-string swim bottoms are surely going to be your favorite swim bottom from now on. It’s available in many colors and they would look great with any swim top you wear!



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