The best button-down shirts for women have a colourful, laid-back, carefree style. It makes sense since most people are over hoodies and sweatpants but are still searching for more relaxed versions of the clothes that once made them feel put together. We at tags weekly notice all the different ways celebrities and fashionable ladies dress this wardrobe staple, despite the humble button-simplicity downs and ageless appeal.

While it’s still warm outside, some people are adopting bigger shapes as “blazers,” leaving them completely undone to wear over slip dresses, Bodysuits, and tank tops. Others choose cropped silhouettes to pair everything from miniskirts to pants, leaving the bottom portion of their clothing unbuttoned.

Stylish Collared Shirts for Women

Don’t be terrified of button-collar ups shirts if you want to rock one. You can easily carry off the garment wearing a button-up with a striking collar because it adds more intrigue to your outfit. Go for shorter sleeves instead of the traditional, long-sleeved, Oxford-style button-up.

Most men and women look good wearing defined collared short-sleeved button-ups. Moreover, you can choose a short-sleeved button-up with a wild, exciting pattern to draw attention. Pair it with high-waisted faded shorts and strappy shoes to finish the style.



Tuck-in Button Down Shirts for Women

You might be shocked to learn that a button-up shirt can be worn with a bohemian-inspired ensemble. A button-adaptability extends beyond its bohemian appearance. Start with a loose-fitting, basic button-up to complete your bohemian style.

Try wearing the top with your favourite colourful or funky-patterned long, flowing maxi skirt. Make sure to smooth out any creases or lumps before tucking your button-up into your skirt’s waistband. Additionally, you can put a wide belt around the waist of your skirt to balance your look and give it a polished finish.



Classic Button Down Shirt for Women

Never undervalue a simple button-up shirt. A black button-up and a few additional wardrobe essentials you already own will be enough to create a sleek, trendy style without the need for any elaborate styling. Start your traditional appearance with a well-fitting, not-tight, solid black button-up shirt. Moreover, you can pair your top with light, frayed cut-off jeans to give your outfit a relaxed and carefree look. To give the outfit some femininity, accessorize with strappy or lace-up sandals and delicate jewellery.



Silk Button-Up Shirt for Women

If you are wearing skinny jeans, try tucking your white button-up silk blouse with a floppy front tucked into them. However, to appear more laid-back, you should put your hair in a little dishevelled bun and wear white Converse sneakers. Additionally, you might switch things up by wearing your hair in beachy waves, carrying a tote bag, and wearing ankle-strap heels.



Long Button-Down Shirt for Women

Adding a few elements to your button-down shirt dress may make it look completely different and create an entirely new ensemble. Wear it with leggings or jeggings, sandals with ankle straps, and a statement piece that fits well with the overall tone of the outfit. Before you know it, you’ve put together a stunning ensemble using things you already have lying around the house.



Short Sleeve Button-Down Shirt For Women

These short sleeve button-down shirts have many standout details, from the short sleeves to the tuckable high-low hem. No matter what you pair it with, it’ll always look good. This easy shirt looks great buttoned-up, but you can tie it to the hem and add denim shorts for a summery look.



White button-down for women

The white button-down shirt, however, can be worn in many ways. Under a cashmere sweater, knotted at the waist, over a lace top, or used as a jacket over a basic cotton tank top.

In short, this wardrobe classic is versatile and, like other garments that have earned this name over time, can be combined in many ways and also very current.



Comfortable Button-Down Shirts for Women

The past few years have taught us comfort is key. While corsets, bodysuits, and dresses have their place, oversized shirts have become our go-to essentials.

From white button-downs to graphic T-shirts and large sweatshirts, loose-fitting tops are fashion-girl-approved. The trick is learning to style them without looking sloppy or undone.



Asymmetrical Button-Down Shirts for Women

One search for ‘business casual, and you’ll learn that no piece is more “office appropriate” than a button-up. But more often than not, that so-simple poplin shirt just doesn’t add the impact you want. Asymmetric cuts, exaggerated silhouettes, splashy prints, balloon sleeves, and puffed shoulders are just a few ways designers breathe new life into button-down shirts.

Women-wearing-asymmetric-button down shirt


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