do you think that a tie is an underrated accessory? Well, those who do are absolute fashion gods because ties just have something about them that can takes your whole look up a few notches, in a really good way!

Bar III is one of the best brands out there selling some of the most stylish accessories for men, including various designs and styles of ties!

You can shop Bar III men’s accessories online and make everyone’s jaws drop at the next wedding you attend or the next beach rave you go to!

Bar III Men’s Textured Self-Tied Necktie

Ties clearly define your outfits; hence, choosing the right style for the right occasion is vital. Textured self-tied neckties are great for sophisticated gatherings such as office parties, weddings, or even funerals.

This solid textured necktie has a very soft feel and is very comfortable to wear long periods of time. Thanks to the fabric mix and simple texture, it will make you feel luxurious.

The color is great to be worn at some intimate yet formal gatherings– your best friend’s wedding perhaps would be the perfect occasion to flaunt this necktie with a white shirt and pastel pantsuit!



Bar III Men’s Beach Solid Self-Tied Necktie

Beaches are cool and you are only supposed to take your fun and quirky side to a beach party. What’s better than showing off your fun side with a funky tie? What you wear says a lot about who you are, so wearing something fun to the beach is not a crazy idea!

This solid tie is available in a plethora of colors, all perfect for a nice sunny day at the beach. Hey, when you’re not swimming and flaunting that beach body, there’s gotta be something else to leave a lasting impression, don’t you think?

This casual necktie can also be worn as an office tie but it really depends on how bold you can go to your work. If colors are your thing, then this is perfect for office wear too– multifunctional!



Bar III Men’s Reindeer Self-Tied Necktie

Holidays are near; how do you plan on spreading the spirit of Christmas so that Santa’s sleigh keeps moving? This Reindeer necktie is the perfect way to show your holiday spirit! Not only is this warm and fuzzy, but it is also very cute!

You can wear this with a nice blazer and spread some holiday cheer at the family dinner that you’re hosting or are invited to. This would also make a great gift for your little brother or if you’re a woman reading this to find the cutest tie for your man, this might be it.



Bar III Men’s Denton Striped Self-Tie Necktie

Stripes are a classic pattern and have been in trend since I learned how to walk. Especially when it comes to neckties, stripes are amazing. They can decipher an outfit in many ways suiting the occasion!

Going to your graduation? Or is it a party you’ve been looking forward to? Just name the event and striped neckties will fit right in. They are not only limited to the two events I mentioned, but you can also wear them at a farewell, or a fundraiser gala.

The point is, these work great with all outfits and they are not too bold. If you don’t usually wear ties, and you’re a bit skeptical about how you’ll carry them, then stripe is your best bet because they’re the safest option when it comes to neckties.



Bar III Men’s Floral Self-Tied Necktie

Floral prints are always casual. The floral print is the king of casuals and it s undebatable. The floral printed neckties can be a bold choice. It shows that you are embracing your colorful side and it’s beautiful.

You can get this stunning floral tie in numerous colors so you get the autonomy to choose a color that you feel most comfortable with. Use this tie to express yourself and wear it with a casual jacket to a friend’s birthday party or even a costume party! 

This one is a relatively simple design with some plaid pattern and flowers but if you’re feeling bold enough, you can go for a more colorful and crowded design that expresses yourself better. You can always spruce it up with a nice tie pin and a watch– a perfect combination of accessories!



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