Ditch your leather pants this winter, and get comfortable in our warm denim skirts. Though skirts are less protective of your legs as compared to jeans or pants, you can always style them winter appropriately. Skirts are a wardrobe staple that is super stylish, trendy, and downright comfortable. Do you still want to sacrifice comfort, fashion, and style? You might need to rethink your choices because various types of skirts are available at Tags Weekly to wear in fall and look as fashionable as you would in any other winter attire. Below is a rundown of must-have winter clothing for women discussing trendy skirts to convince you to say goodbye to your pants in winter 2022. Let’s get started!

Button Front Denim Skirt for Women

A denim skirt is generally casual, but you can switch to a decent colour like beige-pink or coral to wear to work. Our button-front denim skirt can be worn to work and an after-party. It comes with a stylish belt, wide enough to cover the skirt’s waistband, and adds a bit more glam to your look. With that being said, belts are an excellent fashion accessory to add a little more detail to your button-front denim skirt. Throw on a cute bow blouse, pick your most precious-looking gold jewelry and pair it with the chicest stilletos.



Slitted Denim A-Line Skirt for Women

Not in the mood for anything too mainstream? Try this unique, casual denim a-line skirt with a sleek centre slit on the front. The garment can make you look put-together, classy, and trendy. Pair it with long fashion-forward boots and a white top. Take an oversized sweater to protect yourself from the cold, and don’t forget to wear thick kohl to look sassy yet presentable. The best part about denim is that it’s effortless, practical, and versatile. POV: Denim is not only a pair of jeans or a skirt; it’s a lifestyle.



Leather Pencil Skirt for Women

There are many leather staples as it’s a must-have in fall, but our favourite is the skirt. Leather pencil skirts indeed look bomb but can be daunting to style. What helps, in this case, is knowing the type of skirt you would want to wear according to the occasion and your mood. Select the right length and design and any color you want. It’s no secret that leather can be found in almost every color, but to have an effortless experience, go with a black skirt like the one below. Every colored top would go with black, so black saves you time and effort.



Tweed Skirt for Women

Tweed is one of the most adored pieces of women’s clothing. And since people have seen tweed skirts making a comeback on the runway, they are making it a staple in their winter wardrobe. Tweed skirt offers versatility as they can be worn all year. You can wear it in summer, and it’s also excellent winter wear. Checks and stripes complement really well with tweed. Put on a white knit oversized striped sweater with a tweed skirt under it. Pair this ensemble with black leather ankle-length boots to spruce up the look.



Pleated Midi Skirt for Women

Looking to look sexier in a sublime way? The pleated long midi skirt is your go-to outfit in this scenario. The deep hues and pleats on the skirt give a classic, dramatic and elegant vibe to your appearance. From casual street style to office attire, pleats can be worn anywhere without any trouble. A pleated skirt adds body to the shape of the skirt, depending on the different cuts, i.e., mini, midi, and maxi lengths. Below mentioned skirt from tagsweekly can be styled with a maroon top tucked in and a beige fleece pea coat on top. Put on maroon leather cowboy boots to perfectly complement the outfit.



Midi Tulle Skirt for Women

Inspired by the latest ballet core fashion this year, tulle skirts are again picking up their charm. Seeing celebrities and fashion influencers incorporating tulle skirts in their day-to-day outfits shows how the trend is here to stick for a long time. Combine the tulle skirt with a sweater to create an off-duty, comfortable ensemble. Throw on leather pumps to add a touch of sophistication, and you’re all set to party.



Velvet Maxi Skirt for Women

For the most costly, thicker weave and more expensive look, velvet is a statement piece for winter clothing. It not only gives you warmth but displays elegance on top of everything. The material is a go-to for the fall season, indeed. To flex your styling skills for an evening event, dress up with a luxurious blouse and high heels. Wear a sky-high top knot to look modern, polished, and perfect.



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