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About Marc Ecko

About Marc Ecko

Marc Louis Miecofsky is Marc Ecko, an iconic American urban designer, artist, and controversial defender of corporal punishment in public school. He is also a staunch supporter of endangered rhinos, orphans, and the marginalized, not necessarily in that order. He is the all-American guy whose heart is in the right place and for the right reasons. This is why he has become a popular label among the youth as a modern-day hero. His Sweat Equity Education, which he formed in 2004, and his Unlimited Justice campaign aims to help deserving students with business opportunities in the real world. It’s exciting to see this American designer at work.

The Style of Marc Eckō

Hip hop, skate and extreme sport fashion designer is what defines Marc Ecko’s clothing line. It’s got a loud message with its graffiti-inspired clothes and almost always gets the spotlight in a crowd of teenagers.

Launched in 1993, Marc Ecko has taken fashion to the streets but not only did he take designs from the ghetto and turn it into stylish trends, he also brought flair and pizzazz to the people who love casual wear. He does have some pretty awesome rules in fashion such as wearing good shoes, using color creatively and not sticking to an all-dark outfit, and not being afraid to have fun with fashion.

His journey as a designer has been full of curveballs. At one point, he almost closed down his company and saved it by signing licensing deals with the NFL and Sketchers. Today his company, Ecko Unltd. is into clothing, skateboards, publishing, and video games. He once told New York Magazine that he likes to think of himself as a clothing Willy Wonka where the imagination knows no boundaries and is not limited by anything or anyone.

From t-shirts to jackets for teenagers, Ecko Unlimited now has 12 brands that include clothing for adult men and women, leather goods, video games, outerwear, watches, footwear, cosmetics, skateboards, and a children’s clothing line, among others.

If you’re looking for clothes that speak out loud, Marc Ecko is your guy. These are the clothes that are bold, aggressive, and free. As he has said once, he love graffiti but is willing to grow with the label. He’s into pop culture but he’s adding an artistic twist. And he’s commercial but playing outside the box and “bombing the system.”

Marc Ecko: unique, free-falling, and loving it.

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