Working from home during the pandemic has put many men in a dilemma of what to wear to the office, but no need to fret. Whether dressing up for the office or hitting the bar, the right pair of stretch pants can up your dressing game. The fabric of men’s stretch pants is fundamental to consider when purchasing one because they may loosen over time. They quickly retain their original shape due to the stretchable material and become as comfortable as your daily sweatpants, but extra care is only good. 

Get out of your comfy sweatpants and try on any stretch pants listed below from tags weekly. We promise you won’t regret even one of these iconic items.

Stretch Chinos for Men

Stretch chinos are the ultimate go-to pants for comfort and style simultaneously. They are made of twill and elastic material. Stretch chinos are flexible and extra forgiving in fit. The best thing about stretch chinos is they don’t tear apart easily. They snap back into shape due to the cotton’s elasticity. Men can optimize their styling options by wearing chinos from semi-formal to casual weekend looks; you name it! Colors to start your chino journey: navy, tan, shades of khaki, and green are the basic and the most versatile colors, to begin with. They can go with any shirt, and you can pull off versatile combinations.



Stretch Cargo Pants for Men

It’s never too late to bring back fashion classics. To keep your busy day rolling with ease, what you need in your wardrobe is – Stretch Cargo Pants. The most remarkable thing about cargo pants is the detailing on each side of the pant. These often contain oversized side pockets than usual pants. They are best to keep a mobile phone, some cash, your car keys, or maybe a pocket knife -for your safety. Cargo pants are on heavy rotation nowadays and are still heavily debated. It’s definitely time to make them acceptable to wear not only for outdoor activities but to work and dinner parties too. Whether the debate settles or not, it’s definitely time for you to grab a pair for yourself. 



Stretch Straight Pants for Men 

If you’re looking for a more comfortable pair of pants that would make you look undeniably put-together, stretch straight pants got your back. These are incredibly wearable and versatile. They are favorited among shorter people because they help elongate their legs efficiently. The fabric of stretch pants is designed to be breathable for the wearer to get him through the day. These are timeless clothing items for men to shop for, giving total value for money. 



Stretch Casual Sweatpants for Men

Another casual variety of soft trousers intended to give you comfort is a pair of casual stretch sweatpants. Do you give any thoughts on how to style some sweats? Well, our stretch sweatpants are an excellent alternative to jeans. You don’t have to put much effort into styling your sweatpants before leaving the house. You can wear any button-down or a tee with your sweats. They will quickly help you hit the trails while feeling comfortable. 




Stretch Casual Jogger Pants for Men

Gone were the days when joggers were only limited to gyms and workout sessions. Now wearing them while the general public is around has become more common and acceptable. Wearing casual jogger pants with any streetwear or a slim sweatshirt will offer your outfit structure in that athleisure look. Plus, they’re comfy, lightweight, and an excellent alternative to other casual pants.

man-wearing-casual-jogger -pants


Slim-Fit Stretch Dress Pants Slacks for Men 

Stop by and check out the vast selection of slim-fit stretch dress slacks Tags Weekly has to offer. We’ve got the perfect slim-fit stretch dress pants options for you when you’re tired of wearing your sweatpants almost every other day. There’s not much room in the seat and thighs, but they’re easy to keep you taking on the day. Be very careful of checking your size chart when buying slim-fit pants online, as no one wants a dress-down day ever! 



Stretch Fit Athletic Tracks for Men

Is a fitness enthusiast unable to find the best athletic fit tracks to wear? Worry not. See below, stretch-fit athletic pants can be a game-changer for you! These pants offer you style and motivation to get up off the couch and hit the gym ASAP to train like a beast! They’re just that good. From a runner to a yoga practitioner, every fitness freak needs to have track pants. They’re not just for you to wear when you go to the gym, but you can also wear them to a casual morning walk or a small chitchat session with your boys. So, head over to the link below and thank us later! 



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